Death of White Sociology

It is necessary that we as people of color transcend the limits of white concepts and develop a total intellectual offensive against false universality. Past and present literature, readings, theoretical concepts and general ideologies will be shared throughout the diaspora to explain and give meaning to present events.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CNN Presents Special on Black America

Beginning tonight at 9:00 PM EST, CNN will present a two part special entitled "Black In America". This program will touch on issues involving the Black community, including civil rights, education, racism, and culture and lifestyle to name a few. Previews of the special detail the stories being told by Black people for a greater audience.

As Albert Murray explains in "White Norms, Black Deviation", White Anglo-Saxons dominate the power mechanisms in America, nevertheless we can ill-afford to disregard what identity means in terms of culture and the culture of the nation which the power elite exercises such exclusive political, economic, and social control. No inhabitants of America have been more casually and causticly exploited than Black people, who have been subjected to systematic social, economic, political, and legal atrocities that continue to this day.

I implore each and every one of us, (be you Black, White, Red, Yellow, or Brown and all of the colors in between) to watch and listen to what is being said on these two most important nights. I am sure that it will be an eye-opening, thought-provoking experience for all.

Welcome Good People of The Diaspora!

I would like us to share ideas, conversation, and thought through old and new literature. Feel free to make any contributions you deem appropriate. The blog title says it all. People of color must be compelled to move away from traditional social sciences to a Black definition or way of defining social sciences that give meaning to and provide an understanding of our lives.

Whether or not one believes in the possibility of a body of knowledge reflective of Black life which can be disciplined and made useful in the survival and development of Black people depends upon many factors. Among them is the determination that such knowledge can be disciplined and a conviction that in such a determined state, the knowledge will be useful in solving specific problems that the community faces.